Marriage Counseling @ Covenant Christian Center.
If you are a Committed Member of Covenant Christian center you can attend any of our pre or post marital Counselling classes which run at various times in the year.

A. Prerequisites to commence Premarital classes
– Committed C3 member.
– Completion of foundation of faith classes at Covenant Christian centre.
– Consent from parents, couple prepared to marry,
– Register for counseling at least 1 quarter to proposed wedding date, couple planning to wed not more than 6-9 months after classes.
– Wedding date can only be earliest 1 month after classes are completed.

B. Prerequisites for attending Postmarital classes
– Completion of foundation of faith classes at Covenant Christian centre.
– Committed C3 member.

C. Need based individual couple Counseling is also available in special circumstances based on appointment.


1st session   FEBRUARY    11- 4th MARCH
2nd session.  APRIL     8th –  6th MAY
3rd session.  MAY    6th – 10th JUNE
4th session.    JUNE 3rd – 8th JULY
5th session.    AUGUST 5th – 9th SEPTEMBER
6th session.    SEPTEMBER 2nd – 7th OCTOBER
7th session.     OCTOBER 7th – 11th NOVEMBER
8th session.     NOVEMBER 4th – 9th DECEMBER

Register for the Pre Marital Counselling Session

Please Note: For couples who desire to wed at Covenant Christian Centre, proposed wedding dates can only be booked at the church office after the completion of C3 Pre Marital Counselling. Dates cannot be earlier than 2 months after the classes are concluded.

C3 Post Marital Counselling
This is designed for already married couples who have never been through pre-marital counselling or simply desire to go through the classes which are focused at building a Godly marriage. Interested couples should book at least a month to preferred class.

1st session      FEBRUARY    11- 4th MARCH                
2nd session    JUNE 3rd – 8th JULY
3rd session   NOVEMBER 4th – 9th DECEMBER

Register for the Post Marital Counselling Session

Kindly Contact Tobi or Jumoke in church office to confirm your registration and  for more details 08160000239.