Edu-Aid stands for Educational Aid Global Initiative and is an NGO fully registered by Covenant Christian Centre as our contribution to improving the falling standard of the quality of Public Primary Education in Nigeria.

Our vision is “To facilitate access to quality primary-level education in a conducive learning environment for aas many children as possible”. We have 3 categories of partnership;

  • Financial Partnership
  • Resource Partnership
  • Volunteer Partnership

platformThe Platform

The Platform is an intellectual fair geared towards helping people to create opportunities and develop their potentials. The Platform is geared towards stimulating and challenging our thought processes so that we can recognize the opportunities available to us and know the steps we ought to take in utiliziing them.

The Platform is a catalyst for change in our society.


c3groupThe C3 Group – Facebook

We are the plugged in generation (bluetooth hands-free, phones with radios, mp3 players, iPods and the like), surfing the net is second nature to us. We are awash in technology and so some like- minded folks came together and decided to avail ourselves of it and put it to good use.



xtremeXtreme Reaction

The Extreme Reaction concert is an outreach of the Covenant Ministries organised by Crew Extreme, a family of over 200 young members of Covenant Christian Centre. We are evangelists, sharing our understanding of the Gospel through Drama, Dance and Music.

Exploring latent creative talents within crew members, giving them an avenue to freely express themselves and breaking the stereotype christian image of up-tightness. We draw the Nigerian youth to God’s truth.


Crossover is an arm of Covenant Christian Centre that reaches out to Teenagers at the level of their experience. At Crossover, we guide young people in the process of overcoming the various pressures that they encounter in their lives. Crossover empowers young people with competences that help them to overcome distracting issues that are prevalent among their peers while helping them find a sense of true worth and individuality so they can focus on the more important things in life.

At Crossover, we walk closely with teenagers through mentoring programs (big brother Christianity) and encourage them not only to tackle the issues that come their way but to channel their energies, abilities and talents to crafting new and unique forms of self expression.