1.   Would you like to be a member of the Singles Fellowship workforce at Covenant Christian Centre? If so Please send an email with Your Name and phone number to tsf@covenantchristiancentre.org on our before the 24th of September 2017.
2.Covenant Connect (the youth church of C3) will be praying and fasting from Thursday Sept 21st to Saturday Sept 23rd Prayers will hold at 5pm on Thursday and Friday, and by 11am on Saturday at the Yaba Centre. Everyone aged 18-24years are invited.
 3.  The Missions Unit (C3MU) calls for interested members who would like to join the department to please indicate their interest by sending their details: Full name, Phone nos, Email and service centre to c3missionsunit@gmail.com or 08025539277. Medical personnel are also needed.
  4. The exciting weekend getaway for married couples comes up from October 27-29th! Theme: Keeping the Love flame Aglow. For Registration and Payment: visit: www.insightsforliving.org/couples or Send an email to: Marriages@covenantchristiancentre.org  (email title: Couples Weekend). VERY Limited spaces are available, interested couples are encouraged to register & pay now. Your Marriage will SURELY be better for it.
 6. Foundation of Faith 3rd Quarter holds at Yaba Centre from August 27th to September 16th 2017.Six Classes hold for 3 weekends on Saturdays – 8am and Sundays – 1:30pm. Venue is the Yaba Centre. Foundation of Faith is a Refresher course on fundamentals of our Christian faith. To Attend, Please register at fof.covenantchristiancentre. org‎. Registration Is Required.
 9.   Are you gifted in singing or proficient in any musical instrument? Covenant Christian Centre Choir would be auditioning interested persons. Please visit bit.ly/C4Audition to register for the audition. Date will be communicated via email after forms have been filled and submitted.