Department & Units

The following are the various departments and units in the church. New members are encourage to join at least one department/unit by filling a membership form online or by manual registration at various department meeting times and places. To join any of our departments in church you would have completed the Foundation of Faith Classes.

Ushering Department

This department welcomes worshipers to the church, offering them seats and directing sitting arrangements in the church during church services. In addition to the usual ushering duties, the sub-units shall carry out the following duties as appended.

Crowd Control Department

Crowd Control is a public security duty that involves managing expected and unexpected crowd occurrences. We’re also involved in Traffic Control of vehicles but pay more attention on the human empathy.

To contact us, please send an email to

POS Department

The POS Unit provides the use of point-of-sale terminals as an alternative payment method for church members after church services or events.”

To contact us, please send an email to

Children’s Department

Children’s Ministry is a vital part in growing the church of Jesus Christ. This department impacts the young lives to honor, serve and share the news about the God that created them with a purpose.

CD Sales/ Dubbing Department

This department is responsible for converting audio programs to CD format. Offers for purchase of our CD/DVD of our Sunday morning worship services, Mid-week service and other ministry programs are handled by this department.

E-Library/LiveStream Department

Elibrary department is responsible for producing, distributing and selling mp3 messages from Covenant Christian Centre. Sales usually occur at the end of each service at the elibrary sales stand. We also make these messages available for download on, and there are ongoing plans to expand the online distribution platforms to the likes of iTunes, Spotify, etc. Elibrary provides after sales support to customers.

Elibrary is also responsible for transmitting live broadcasts of Covenant Christian Centre events to social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Periscope (Twitter).

You can reach us via or

Technical & Sound Department

This department is in charge of the Audio and sound production of the church.

Responsibilities include:
1. To provide sound signal input points.
2. To receive and process sound and produce amplified format.
3. To provide or receive audio signal from E-library, W2Media, Livestream, Camera or any other department that might need it.
4. To manage and maintain the equipments used to propagate sound.

The department can be contacted through

Protocol Department

This is a spiritual arm of the church that interfaces with all special guest (Secular and Religious) of the church.

-Airport Pickups and Drop offs : This is  aimed at making the process at arrivals seamless and ensuring convenience of our guests, assisting them through clearance and all related formalities and escort them accordingly.  Same is done for Drop off/Departures.

– Liaison: As with many of the guest, we act as liaison officers between the church and the guests while they are under our care. Sometimes this might include Staff of their organization or church.

– Logistics: Throughout their stay with the church we are responsible for all movement across the city or the country as the case maybe. Sometimes this might include personal visits or shopping trips of their choice.

-Accommodation: We are responsible for ensuing their accommodation is ready for their arrival. Therefore we liaise with the church office to confirm the name of hotels and the duration paid, we check them in before arrival, double check the rooms are in order etc. At checkout we ensure they have nothing left behind.
Throughout their stay we ensure they are fed comfortably.

– Security: We arrange for security personnel to help for immigration checks and escorts

Prayer Department

This is an intercessory unit of the church. Prayer is the backbone to a healthy Christian life. The unit intercedes for the growth and development of the Church and her Members spiritually, physically, and financially.

Snapshots Department

SNAPSHOTS department is the creative arm of Covenant Christian Centre with a vision to ‘Preach the gospel to the world through theatre and performing arts on all media channels’. Established in 2007, SNAPSHOTS began with stage productions and has produced over 20 major productions; Including “ITAKUN”, Checkmate, the Rehearsal, Bloody Affair, Clogs, Nigeria 2060 and Hidden Proof,  performing on stages of the National Stadium, Lagos, National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Muson Centre, Lagos,  Main Auditorium, University of Lagos and the Amphitheatre, Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-Ife.

Over the years,  SNAPSHOTS has worked with renowned actors, OAPs, legendary playwrights and directors like; the late Dr Gbenga Kuponiyi (Dr.GB, the pioneer HOD of Snapshots), Duka Kachi, Solomon Macaulay, Ige Dupe Kachi,  Femi Branch, Omonor Somolu, and Manny (of ‘COOL FM).  Since inception, SNAPSHOTS recorded a cumulative registered membership of over 350.

The department can be contacted through