The Widows’ Relief and Assistance Program (Project W.R.A.P) is an initiative of Covenant Christian Centre which seeks to aid Widows of Men who died in service of our Nation Nigeria. Project W.R.A.P initiative was created in 2011 as a biblical and social responsibility to support widows according to 1Tim 5:3-10, James 1:27.

We seek to provide widows and their children with vital support through sponsorship & empowerment programs that are designed to assist, inform and inspire them to rebuild their lives in the face of their bereavement.

The objectives of Project W.R.A.P are:

  1. To equip widows and their children with skills that will enhance and develop their quality of life.
  2. To provide scholarship to children assisting them in pursuing higher education of learning.
  3. To build capacity of widows to overcome economic and social barriers and achieve self sufficiency.


The following strategies are employed in order to achieve the objectives of the organization:

  • Capacity building for widows and their children through training, skills building etc.
  • Mentoring and development programs targeting widow’s children
  • Conducting University Preparatory Workshop to prepare children for higher learning
  • Outreach programs (public awareness).
  • Conducting research through focus group discussion, distribution of questionnaires, etc.
  • Collaborating with existing initiatives of Covenant Christian Centre and individuals.
  • Popular training and education
  • Carrying out social advocacy

For more information about Project WRAP and its activities; Please contact us on:  08187515105 or email,

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