Having a Positive View of Your Past

The multiplying factor in the life of a Christian (that is the blessing) should not breed laziness instead; it should move an individual to want to do more in other to reach his full potential in life. The blessing is a multiplying factor and whatever you put into it will be multiplied back to you. You will get double result for the much you put out. It is paramount therefore, that you labour along the part of your utterances so as to see the effect of your words. You must not be lazy in securing your inheritance in Christ. You will get absolutely nothing by being laid back.  You just have to stay positive and work hard in other to achieve your desires, whatever they be.

Also understand that the state of your mind determines your disposition and feeling about your life (whether bad or good).  And invariably, you get what you feel at the end of the day.  The bible says, ‘all the days of the afflicted are evil: but he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast (Prov 15vs15). This simply means that an individual who does not feel afflicted but has a merry and a joyful heart will have a continuous feast all the days of his life. Such a person will feast on things that others feel victimised about. These include situations where other people come out as victims or with issues where individuals give-up on because of circumstances that surround them.

For you to continuously have a merry heart you must always express joy – have  a heart of gratitude especially about your past. Never talk about your past negatively except you are showing forth the power of God and how He can give beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning. Avoid talking about your past with any sense of  regret. Rather look out for things God has done in your past, like places or events where His blessings have been manifested in your life.  Start from there by putting all that testimony together; then begin to  give God thanks for those past experiences because these are the things that have made you who you are today. Thank God for even things that you did not understand, that had the element of pain in it because He will make use of all of those experiences in taking you to the next level.  But you need to have the right attitude towards it.

Barrack Obama is a good example of a person who speaks positively about his past despite all the odds he went through. He is a good communicator and you can learn this from him. For instance, anytime he talks to people who have lost direction he makes reference to his background – his growing-up experience. In his narration, he cites examples from his life on issues others complain about. The only way your speech connects with people is when you relay your own experience which they can relate with. At this point, you can speak into their own experience and be accepted. Everything that you have experienced in life even where you feel pained and broken is for a purpose that God may be glorified in your life. Therefore, when you remember these experiences, thank God not only for the fact that you survived them but that they happened in your life. Then, you will find out that all things will begin to  work in your life for your good.  One day, you will also stand up and tell people your story  – a story which will encourage them and give them hope for the future when they would have given up.

In conclusion, you must understand that everything you went through was for a reason which is that one day you can connect people with your story and give them hope. In the same way the bible says, ‘we suffer these things so that we might be comforted and as a result be able to comfort other people in tribulations’ (2Corinth 1:4). You will one day speak out of the experiences in your life reaching and healing  people on that level.  Have a deep sense of gratitude about your past,  have no regret whatsoever, as this will eventually determine the final outcome of your whole  life experience whether they be good or bad.

“Poju Oyemade”

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