Prayer – A Point of Entry to Answers

To experience the victory already prepared for us, Christians must learn to be prayerful. We must understand that the answer to our prayer is always released from heaven when we pray. The answer begins to move into this earthly space. The pattern of answers is that God opens a door unto you.

This means that your eye is opened to something within your environment that will bring answers to your prayer. You will see  clearly with your eyes and hear with your ears. All the imagination and thoughts(solutions) will be communicated to you on the inside.

As you begin to pray,  remember that prayer will always change you not God. Its aim is to put you in a position where you can now be directed by the Spirit of God into the things that have been prepared for you. Prayer is therefore the point of entry for the supernatural.

When you pray, illumination comes. It can come in the most casual way. However, the release of divine grace is inevitable. Sometimes, you may even be unconscious of the leading of the Spirit of God  because there may seem to be nothing spectacular in His move. For instance a friend might just call you to accompany him to a particular place and you accept reluctantly. While he is busy engaged with the party he is meeting,  you meet someone else and that which  you have been believing God for suddenly materializes and comes within your reach. Through conversations, you then find solutions-to that particular thing you have prayed for. It is through prayer  that you can be established.

And prayer means declaring from your mouth- speaking  words out of your lips that will articulate your dream to the point where your heart is sure of its manifestation. This is called setting the law of spoken words into motion. The important thing is to pray it through till you are illuminated. This is your point of entry. Pray through every single burden you have in your heart  until you find peace in your heart. When  this happens, walk through the door till it is fulfilled  by the leading of the Spirit. Be sensitive to the nudge of the Spirit inside your heart. Be conscious.

Observe things. It’s no time to look on the outside for the physical manifestation or signs. For  instance,  if an individual lost his job and is praying for a new one, he will begin to have all kinds of images or thoughts in his mind. Some may even tell him he can’t survive without a job.  He also sees an image of mounting bills…rent etc. His whole environment is filled with fear of the unknown. If such a person would first turn to God and commit every single thing plus the fears to Him, thanking Him for the way of escape already provided for, he will find that point of entry.

Understand that God has blessed you with every spiritual blessing. Declare this with the voice of faith. Speak to the mountain and command it to move! Declare God’s word in the place of fear. Reverse with faith filled words the effect of negative things that have been imaged in your heart.

The point of entry will always amount to you thinking outside the box. By divine leading, you will be taken out of your comfort zone-outside your trained or programmed way of doing things. This is because you must have exhausted all forms of solution that you are used to at that particular level before the new level can emerge. God simply takes away the old to establish the new. If you keep doing things the way you are used to, then nothing will change. Understand that this is going to be by the leadership by the Holy Spirit.

Be sensitive to the Spirit of God and His nudging. Most times this process starts by you helping those around. Never shy away from helping these people within your environment. This is because God may just  be setting you up for a divine visitation. An angelic visitation may collide with your hospitality as was with Abraham. Note that behind every genuine act of hospitality, we have an angel of God set to move on our behalf. Be always ready to help people. As you do so, remain in prayers and you will find that entry point. Your mind will be illuminated.

 “Poju Oyemade”           


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