God’s Direction

There is something that is not too popular among the Christian circle and it deals with correction. The bible says all scripture is given by the inspiration of God and it is profitable. The word of God is for doctrine, instruction, reproof and correction.

Part of the ministry of the spirit of God within our lives is the corrective work that it does within us. For instance, in science when people fly into space or to the moon, what happens is that the rocket takes off in a direction which is supposedly an accurate one but it is not exact. This means it is not a precise direction. But the rocket takes off in that direction and towards the geographical area where it is supposed to land. But then as it goes on it starts making the adjustment in the proper direction. What happens is that from the start the rocket is locked to the intended destination and there is a system in it that keeps making it readjust as it goes on until it lands in the directed destination. I think in life this is exactly how God directs us. He gives us a promise from His word which leads us into His ordained purpose for our lives.

We have a general vision, a place where God is taking us to and as Christians we believe we have received it according to His promise. But in our journey there through life; in the fruitfulness and working in different levels of increase in God it is important we understand the place of correction. This correction deals with the pride that comes from the core of man’s being. That is the ability of a man to withdraw himself from his pride. This pride is exemplified in the story of Job. In it we see his friend Elihu who interceded for him and brought break through information to him by communicating the following thought to him.

He said God often times deals with man in this way. For God speaks once and twice He communicates to re-emphasis what He is saying and yet man perceives it not (Job 33-14). Elihu told Job that he knows he has some questions in his heart which has to do with him justifying himself. Job felt that what he was experiencing should not have come his way based on the quality of life he lived, his disposition towards God and the way and manner in which he sacrificed and served God. This is because there are worse men in the society who are living in iniquity and still do not have the kind of painful experience he was going through. And so Job had all these questions in his heart towards God. People often times have questions inside their heart about why they had to go through certain experiences or why they are having problems. They fail to remember that there is a place for divine direction in life and it is so crucial and essential in everything we do. The truth about the matter is that God’s covenant in itself and the potential inside it is only released in its fullness when an individual works in the steps that God has ordained. That is how you walk in the anointing of God and carry the very presence of God where ever you go.

For instance in the story of Joseph we all know how he ended up in prison and it was there that he was called to interpret the king’s dream. In the dream he saw that there would be 7years of plenty and famine. The 7years of famine will be so grievous that all the abundance on the earth will be wiped out. With this in mind, Joseph was able to build a strategy from the spirit as to how not only the people in Egypt will be preserved but also how they will prosper in the time of famine. We all know that Jacob was a covenant carrier yet he did not see what was about to come. The famine affected him even though he was a grandson to Abraham. He was an authentic covenant carrier, who had the blessing of God upon his life. But for the covenant to work properly a man must have the ability to hear from God precisely and to know exactly what is coming ahead. Even though they were all covenant children they were all came under the effect of the famine. Joseph was the only one who was able to see 14years ahead. This shows that a person can be an authentic child of God and still will not understand the place of the mystery of the Holy Spirit in bringing direction into one’s lives. If there is no direction one can easily miss everything totally. For the Holy Spirit is all about communicating things that our human mind cannot pick up. It’s about showing you things that are to come. Guiding you into all truths and showing those things to you. The bible says it teaches you all things because it is an anointing that resides on the inside of you. This is so important in the fulfillment of the promise of God in your life.

“Poju Oyemade”

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