How To Make Giant Strides in Life (Part 1)

There comes a time in the life of every individual when God creates an opportunity to take a giant stride ahead. This means you no longer need to go through the regular steps to make progress in a predictable way or pattern. But instead you move in a geometric progression that brings about multiplying effects within your life. For instance in the story of Joshua God made him the leader of the nation of Israel. God told him he was the one to take the children of Israel to the promise land. Joshua made a powerful statement to the children of Israel; he told them in three days they would possess the land. These were people that have been going around in the wilderness for forty years and going through the same circle repeatedly. Then suddenly someone makes a startling statement to them that they will possess something great within 3days. And this statement really came to pass.

You must know that there is a breakthrough experience available in life. But if you do not understand such experiences as part of life then it will always remain a mystery to you. Such experience involves when an individual at a certain time suddenly make an accelerated progress in their endeavor. Other people who do not get such opportunities realize the battle is really not for the strong. This is because they thought it was through strength people win battles. And so they put in all their strength when confronted with obstacles but found out the winner was not even the strongest. The race in life is also not won by the swiftest but by time and chance. For this reason any opportunity time presents will only be taken by courageous people. This was why God told Joshua that he must be strong and courageous. He must not fear. Thus, when an opportunity comes seize it and go with the flow. In it you will find the presence of God backing you in that particular endeavor.

When the children of Israel was about to take the promise land; if you mediate well on the story you will discover that the taking over of the land was decided based on the state of their heart. It had nothing to do with the size of their army or the people or the type of arms they had. Every time they sent in spies it was to find out the attitude of those in the land. Even Rahab the harlot (who was a Canaanite) said their heart melt within them after hearing the great exploit of what God had done for the nation of Israel. She knew fear had taken over the mind of her people and the spirit of God had also departed from them. So she knew the nation of Israel was going to win the battle. It had nothing to do with the amount of people they had or weapons but rather the state of their heart. Every time they were sent to spy the land they will always come back reporting about the state of the people’s heart. In the story of the walls of Jericho we were told the people built it very high and ran into because of fear of the nation of Israel. This act simply shows weakness.

Strength is always demonstrated by confidence, audacity and the courage to act in spite of circumstances that might not be conducive for such activities. In order to take that kind of leap in life there is an attitude you must have within your life. The first attitude is strength on the inside of you. This means your heart must be strengthened by the spirit of God. Therefore, you must understand that all progress in life is not gradual. There are moments, times and seasons when God creates or opens up a door for you to take the quantum leap in life. What will be required at that moment will be courage, internal strength and confidence. You have got to act on them because these are values that will bring the multiplying effects into your life. It is not the talents, or gifts but the courage, fearlessness and boldness that you display in spite of contradictory situations that will make the quantum leap happen for you. The bible says he that observe the wind will not sow and he that regards the cloud when the harvest comes will not reap or take the bold step because of things he can see on the outside (Eccl 11vs4).

Therefore the first law of taking the quantum leap is to be very sensitive and vigilant. This is because there will come moments and times in life when it will no longer be arithmetic progression but a geometric progression. What took forty years for some people; God can compress into one week and present that opportunity to you. When you enter such opportunity always know that people will wonder how that particular experience came into your life. But you must know that these are divine visitations from God and its important you recognize and seize them. This is because the consequence of not making the move when you ought to can be really devastating. Therefore do not hesitate in taking the quantum leap when God brings such opportunity into your life.


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