How To Make Giant Strides in Life (Part 2)

Picking up from where we stopped last week, the second law in taking the quantum leap is having the right attitude. This means you must adopt the right attitude in order to make the right choice in your relationships. This is very important. You cannot grow beyond your inner circle and this is the truth. If you allow yourself to be surrounded by the wrong people it will set a very low standard for you on what you can achieve in life. Even Jesus the son of God, the bible records that He could do no mighty works in certain areas because of unbelief. For this reason Jesus had to be very selective in choosing the right apostles (those who had the right mindset) for certain assignments that required the highest level of faith.

There is something about the mind of Christ that even as Christians we might find rare. The bible makes a lot of emphasizes about giving to the poor and helping the needy. But we must also understand that there is a mindset that God has which every believer must have in order to be productive or to experience the multiplying effect in one’s life. This mindset is what we can term the capitalist mindset. In the scripture we are told the parable of the ten talents. In the story it says God gave out talents. He gave out one, five and ten talents to people. When the man with one talent was unproductive He called him a wicked servant because he was an unproductive. And He called the others good and wise servants because they were productive with their talents. Then He said the talent given to the unproductive servant should be given to the most productive man in the community and that was the man who had ten talents.

Am sure you are wondering why God took from the person that had just one talent to give to someone who had more. This simply shows that God reinvests in the most productive people. This is because they are the ones that can multiply whatever is placed in their hands. We also find Christ talking about the vine yard that was built and planted on. After three years the vineyard produced no fruits and so He said the vineyard was a waste of time and it is just occupying space so it is better if they cut it down and plant something else. Thus the whole essence of our existence is that we have got to be productive. Even John the Baptist said any tree that beareth not fruit; the axe is laid to its root. So it is important we understand that God has mandated us as His people to be productive within our lives. This means we have got to be fruitful in everything we do. If you do not have that mindset to put a demand on yourself to be fruitful or make satisfactory progress in your life then you will be at a standstill. You also need to stop making excuses for your failures or inadequacies. Instead make the bold step and know that there will be no progress if you resort to that type of attitude. If you keep making excuses for yourself based on what is happening on the outside or based on the conditions that surrounds your life then you will leak out all the energy that God has placed inside you to use in making that progress within your life of being a fruitful person on the earth.

You have got to resolve something within you today, which is that you have got no choice than to be fruitful, multiply, increase and have dominion. Everything has to do with the mindset. The bible tells us not to conform to the world but to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. The word transform comes from the root word where we get metamorphosis. That is to move from the egg stage to the larva, pupa and finally butterfly stage. This example shows that the external condition of a person will dramatically change as he changes the state of his mind. Thus if you allow your mind to be renewed and your understanding of life to be enlightened by allowing new information to change the state of your mind and how you think; then the condition of your life will surely change. Therefore, by changing your attitude of constantly renewing your mind will bring about the physical transformation of your life towards taking a giant step to the next level God has prepared for you.


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