Following the Doctrine of Faith: Starting with the Word.

A doctrine is a system of truths by which something operates. Therefore, if you give a person a doctrine of holiness, you are giving him a system of truth by which holiness will operate in his life. If you give a doctrine of righteousness, you have given the person a righteousness system to follow. This message is about the doctrine of faith. Paul said ‘this is the word of faith that we preach’. So many people are void of the apostolic doctrine on faith and the reason is that they have never been taught the doctrines that established the church. It is very important that this doctrine is taught and it should become the priority of one’s life as a believer. This means to understand the scriptures, you must know the word of God and understand how to apply it in daily living in order to get results. This should be your first priority as a believer followed by service.

There are six steps that form the system by which you can get results from God. After following these steps with understanding, it is now left for the Holy Spirit to help you apply the steps in your life. For instance it will show you how long you need to pray or how to worship in the most effective way. The doctrine can only be taught but how to apply it effectively is solely the work of the Holy Spirit. No man can teach it. It is only the Holy Spirit that can minister to you in your personal life on how the doctrine will work for you as an individual. The Holy Spirit tells you how to speak the word of God, how much you should speak it in prayer and how much outside of prayer. What you need to say at any given time will be ministered to you also by the Spirit.

As a teacher of the word, my assignment is to make real to you these principles and from there the Holy Spirit takes up these things by teaching and guiding you on how to use the things you have been taught in your own private space. Here is the first step in the faith walk; the first thing you have got to understand is that God does everything that He wants to do by sending His word to the individual whom He wants to work through. If a person wants to get results from God, the first thing God does in the life of that person is to send/show His word to that person concerning that matter by telling the person exactly what he wants to do. The bible says, ‘the word is nigh thee in thy heart and in thy mouth’ (Rm10 vs 8). When God wants to do anything, the first thing he does is that he sends His word. Your prayer to God should be for Him to send His word to you concern any situation you are faced with.

The bible says, with every temptation, God has provided a way of escape (1Corth 10vs13). Your first prayer should not be what you think should happen but rather to ask God to send His word to you. When you eventually see or hear it then it will make real to you what God intends to do about the situation. Thus, when you are schooled in the doctrine of faith you know that the first step in facing any challenge is to get the word.

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