The Fight of Faith

The entire cycle of faith comes with six steps that you have to understand in order to get results through it. It has been said and proved that people who have prayed for years about something and have not seen results, changed their situation by learning the subject of faith with understanding and appropriating the faith to their prayers in other to get answers. Some of them got answers immediately, for some it took days or weeks but they eventually got the results to what they have been praying for in years.

In Romans 10:1-2: it says, ‘Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge’. According to this scripture, these people had a zeal for God which means when you look at them outwardly or through the way they behaved you will know that they have a genuine zeal for God in the service of Him. But this zeal was not according to knowledge. One thing that always struck me and broke my heart growing up as a Christian is that you see people who had genuine zeal for God and His work had little or nothing to show for it. In their personal life it is clear that the promises of God are not coming to pass as it should. They are not fruitful within their lives. They have things they have been praying for in years but their lives are void of that power which is the power of the miraculous.

The bible speaks about the righteousness that comes by faith. This simply means the right way to live your life is through the faith you have within. Therefore, when a man does certain things or takes certain steps that he believes will help him get results that show he has taken some steps in faith. When you talk to people or listen to them, from their conversation you will understand why they might have been praying about certain things but no results to show. They do not understand the “heart to mouth” connection of Gods’ word. This simply means God’s word inside your heart (meditation) coming out of your lips (confession) to produce results within your life. If you listen to such people closely you will find out that their heart is void of the experiences they are labouring for on the outside to produce. The scripture says ‘guard your heart with all diligence for out of it comes the issues or events of your life.’ This means if you look into the heart of an individual that is void of the word of God that promises that particular thing they seek be rest assured that this will produce absolutely nothing within that life.
Therefore, our major work or priority as believers is to study and meditate upon the written word of God. This is because without it we can accomplish absolutely nothing. The word of God is Spirit and life and so we need to continually speak that life into every areas of our lives if we truly and genuinely want to experience significant change or progress.

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