In Joseph’s story we learnt that he was bound in fetters of iron until the time that his word came. The bible says that ‘the word entered into Joseph and the king sent for him and loosed him. This means that as soon as God sent His words into the heart of Joseph, the king at the same time had a dream and he released Joseph to fulfill that word. Jesus said “the kingdom of God is like this-it is as if a man will cast a seed into the ground’ (Mark 4:26). They asked Jesus what the seed is and He said ‘the seed is the word of God that bringeth forth thirty, sixty and a hundred fold”. So if a person is getting results, it is the word that God sent to the person concerning that issue that has brought about the manifestation you can see on the outside. Therefore, the first thing you ought to do when faced with any challenge is to ask God to send His word to you, by making clear to you areas in the scriptures that will make real and preside to you what you need to do about that particular situation.

The word of God is the seed of the kingdom. With God, when you have His word on something, you have the authority over it. If you go to God and flash that word, you will enter into the core of the matter and the transaction between you and God on that subject matter begins. When God shows you His word and makes it clear to you what He intends to do, then you can start operating on that word of God. When God shows you His word, it will be exceedingly abundantly above anything that you could have asked or think. You must know that this is just the starting point. For Abraham, the starting point for him was when God came to him and told him He has made him a father of many nations’. The angel also went to Mary and showed her God’s word which says, -‘blessed are thou, you are highly favoured among women, you shall conceive according to the word in Isaiah and you shall bring forth a man child’. Mary believed and the scripture says he told her that there shall be a performance of the things she has been told by the lord. The scripture says, God hastened to perform His word (Jer 1:12). God is eager and He moves to perform His word in the life of a person.

Therefore, you need to tell God that you know He has provided something/answer for you so, you ask that He shows you the word – what He intends to do. John1:1 says ‘in the beginning was the word, the word was with God, the word was God and without Him was not anything done or made that was made’, it says ‘by Him were all things made’, it also says ‘through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things that are seen were made out of things that do not appear’

So you might have talents, skills or certain ability, but you can be using them at their lowest level or potential because you have not yet experienced or received the word concerning those skills. This will make you understand that these things didn’t happen by your ability, skill or talent but by the word. You must first understand that God will illuminate or make real to you by illuminating in the scriptures what He intends to do. When you now read the scriptures, those things become real to you and you know this is what God wants to do. Then He goes further to make what He has made real to you in scriptures, real inside your heart. There are things that are real to you just on the surface but God must make it real in you in other to get results. A lot of us have things we have seen in the scripture that is real to us but God wants to make it real in us so other people can see it clearly and this is where the word is made flesh. God’s way of doing things is by sending His word and He will keep the promise wherever faith is produced. Wherever there is faith, whatever is made real to the person will be made real inside you.

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