As a believer you must go from just seeing the promise to looking upon the promise. This means you must start looking upon what God has made real to you. You must daily structure your life to open the word of God to those areas that God has made real to you. This enables you to continually behold what He intends to do daily. Read those things and reread them morning and night; by fixing your eyes on it and do not let it depart from you. If you let it depart, the circumstances will knock you off your feet and it will not be long before you forget what God told you. For instance the story of Moses and the serpent with the children of Israel is a good example of constantly beholding the word of God till you get result. When they were bitten by a serpent in the wilderness, Moses prayed for it to depart. God answered and said Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live (Numbers 21:8). Continue to look at the word of God until you see the change it speaks.


In James 1vs22-25 it says, we should not be a hearer only but a doer. This is because a hearer only beholds his natural face in the mirror and goes his way and forgets what manner of man that he is. He sees something in the scriptures that God has made real to him then he goes about his normal business forgetting what manner of man he is. And when he looks at the word, he sees a separate thing, when he goes out, it is also different. But whosoever looketh into the perfect law of liberty and continueth therein shall be blessed in his deeds. This means in the morning you look at the word. Even when you are hit by the waves of life during the day and almost lose your balance, it does not matter because at night you continue with the word. When you do this, the word ministers to you and explains to you what happened during the day. It tells you why those things does not negate the word He has said to you. It simply ministers fresh life unto you before you go to bed and in the morning you get energized by the same word.


As a business man, you do not get more customers by simply saying ‘God bring more customers’, you get it by finding the word that says that your seed (customers) shall come from the east, south, north and west; they shall come with silver and gold, carrying the treasures of Ethiopia. You look at this word every day and meditate daily. The bible says ‘with an open face, we behold as in a mirror’. Don’t let the word depart out of your eyes.

The question now is what are you seeing with your eyes? As long as your eyes are fixed on that promise in the word, you must also know the spirit is working in your life to produce it in your life. No matter the problem or issue, you must know that every mountain shrinks as you look at the promise that tells you that you have overcome. So you continue to look at the word in order not to get knocked off by whatever wind or event happening around.


Daily feed on the word of God that gives you an assurance that it is yours; the clearer it becomes in your heart, the faster it manifests in your life. Look until you are occupied and solely influenced by the word and no longer your circumstances.

 “Poju Oyemade”     

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