Sustained By God’s Global Economy

Exodus 4:1; and Moses answered and said, but behold they would not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice for they shall say the lord has not appear to unto thee. 2 and the Lord said unto him what is that in your hands? And he said it is a rod.

The concept of globalization is all about the flow of product and services in the global economy and anyone should be able to participate anywhere in the world.  For instance a man selling around the corner or someone else weaving or crafting things for sale should be able to go into the global market to trade either on the streets of New York or Japan etc. These people should be able to meet the needs of anyone who needs such products or services and get paid directly with the appropriate currency where ever they choose to sell. It is from this global economy that wealth is created, shared, distributed and poverty eradicated.

Everything that operates in the spirit realm is first seen in a natural pattern which is the earthly realm and then the spiritual realm manifests afterwards. Thus, some of the things going on in the body of Christ are represented in economic and political patterns in order for us to be able to draw parallels from them and have a better understanding of the things happening around us. God allows certain things to happen so that when spiritual things occur; we can learn from it or teach people about it.

There is a global economy that every believer should be a part of. When Jesus died and the middle wall partition was broken by the blood of Jesus, it gave us access into Christ own economy which is called “The Common Wealth of Israel”.  This is supposed to be a global economy with the unsearchable riches of life to which every believer should have access its reservoir. Your ability to tap into this reservoir means you will have whatsoever you say.

The scripture says’  “whosoever says to this mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and he doesn’t doubt in his heart but believes what he says, he shall have whatsoever he says.” Any man can have whatever he says. Anybody can enter into this global flow of the unsearchable riches of Christ; the common wealth of Israel. For instance in your place of work you should be able to tap into this wealth and not feel like that standard of living is inaccessible. You must realize that the power you have within you has the ability to multiple and create anything you desire in surplus value. God has blessed us with skills and talents for us to succeed in this world and at every level.

The unsearchable riches of Christ must be evident in our live as believers. All the success and miracles that happened to great men in the bible are now happening around us today. This is how God wants us to operate on the earth; by living in His own standard and spending from our heavenly bank account that cannot and will never run out because we are sustained by God’s global economy.


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