The first commandment God gave to man was to be fruitful and multiply. God is looking for productive individuals, i.e. people that can take one thing and multiply it. You should know that resources will always gravitate towards productive people and as such you must understand the mystery of capital. Capital can simply be defined as the life that is injected into an asset that makes it produce in abundance. Also this result is not based on the type of asset, because no matter the value of that asset, it will still produce surplus. In terms of productivity, this capital is the one thing that separates and makes us different from the world. It is the ‘Heavenly Capital-The Word of God’
The word of God is Spirit and life and it is our title deed. We are expected as believers to inject it daily into our lives and any situation we are faced with. We can inject this capital into any dead thing and life will automatically come out of it.
God also uses the condemned or the despised to show forth His grace, mercy and glory in our midst. The size or the makeup of an asset is of no importance to God. In fact the smaller or insignificant the asset is the bigger and better it turns out when you surrender it to God. This way only God alone will take the glory and it will be evident to all that God was the one that made it possible. Thus, the lesser the value the more productive it becomes when you commit it into God’s hands. That way it shows the Excellency of the power is not from outside but within the treasure in the earthen vessels. This is the way God solves problems; from within.
When Jesus was confronted with the task of feeding the multitude, the first thing He said to His disciples was “you need not depart”. That is you do not need to go someplace else to find solution to the food issue because the answer is within us. A lot of people run away from difficult challenges or situations such as a bad job, marriage, relationship, or their country. People think if they can just get out and enter into someone else’s space everything will be fine. What they fail to understand is that they do not need to leave because the solution is right there with them. The scripture says there is much food in the tillage of the poor. This means no matter how big or difficult the problem is the solution is right there with you. The reason the lack is so apparent/obvious sometimes is because we lack understanding and good judgment. Most times we feel we have nothing tangible and this makes us unable to make anything meaningful out of it or even the ability to breed it to its full potential and as a result we remain stuck in that same situation.
A Peruvian economist found out that the assets of the poor in the world runs into trillions of US dollars but the problem is that they never see anything special or tangible in what they have therefore, no surplus value can be created from it. As a result the little they have is dead and they are unable to give it life because of the way and manner they perceive it.
A lot of people do not place value and productivity on what the ‘deadness’ of their situation can bring. This means that the impression they give to what they have or any bad situation is very low, as a result they cannot access the true nature or value of it. So many people estimate what they have and they come to the conclusion that it is worth nothing. Therefore, they feel it cannot get them the amount of success or achievement they need to move to the next phase of their life and this attitude affects everything they do. If you can see that your five loaves are enough then you will be able to sit still and see that results will eventually come. When this eventually happens it will be nothing that you have ever seen or heard before. It will be like the scripture says, Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us (Eph 3:20).

‘Poju Oyemade

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