The Believer’s Attitude

When you believe God for something, you must continue to look at the word till you get to a point where nothing on the outside bothers you again. At this point when you look at the word, even when circumstances around you look bad, the glad tidings of great joy that is coming out of the scriptures will be all you can see. The word of God will break everything into pieces when you start seeing it within your heart. Faith becomes rational because it is based on the greatest facts and realities. This is because you see the reason it should happen in your life as you continue to look at the word. After some time, it becomes normal to you. Abraham was fully persuaded about the promises of God and not the deadness of Sarah’s womb or that he was hundred years old. It became rational that a hundred years old man must have a child and somebody that has been diagnosed with a dead womb must have a son. Faith becomes rational to those that believe but to somebody else, it is a massive failure. Faith is seeing God in His word moving clearly on your behalf. It also directs you to know the steps to take in order to make His word a reality in your life.

For instance, when you pray the scripture in Ephesians 1:17 that says, “father, give me a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you that the eyes of my understanding might be enlightened”; this means you already have the knowledge of Christ in you. When you pray in this manner God makes spiritual realities and facts in the world real in your mind as though you could see them with your natural eyes. This means, a time comes when you pray that prayer and the scripture becomes real and tangible in your mind. Some Christians get illumination from the scripture and just stop there. If you ask God for revelation on those things that you know or read, then you will start seeing another dimension in the word.  This is because God can only transform you by what you are seeing in a way that your mind will understand. You can see a scripture and people say it will take five years, but the commandment of God in that scripture says it must happen for you now and that is all you must see and believe.
Faith is stepping out into space. To those who can see, it is working upon the foundations of this universe. For the man that has faith, he has seen the word so much that he knows that what is making the sun rise that men cannot explain is the same thing he is walking on. As far as he is concerned, what he is walking on is very solid. Though mountains will depart, hills will skip but he knows that this thing he is walking on will work. This is the attitude of faith and that is the attitude every believer that wants or needs change should have or inculcate in order to live an outstanding life within the normal norm.

‘Poju Oyemade

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