As believers when we hear the Word of God we know we are to rejoice over it but what we also need to understand is that as we step out from the place of prayer, cross examination begins over what we have heard and received. You may be cross examined by symptoms; by evil reports; by various challenges of life. You need to know the right response to all of these.
In reading up on cross examination, I discovered some interesting facts. I found out that the advice lawyers give their client when they are to be cross examined sounded like the scriptures. The scripture it sounded like was “be slow to speak and be quick to hear (James 1:19)”. Lawyers advice their clients that once the cross examination starts, they must not add anything to the facts of the case. This means one must stick to the facts of the no matter what: don’t say anything that you don’t have facts for and when under pressure make sure you speak slower and speak less. In that way you will exercise more control when you are under pressure.
Abraham heard God say: “I have made you a father of many nations (Gen 17:5)” and from that moment he was being cross examined by the events of his life. Now when we look at Hebrews 11, in Moffatts translation it says this: “Faith is being confident of what we hope for and we are convinced of what we do not see”. But the most powerful translation in my opinion is the one that says, “Faith is the warranty deed that what you have fondly hoped for is finally yours”. This means that when we say faith comes by hearing we are
saying that it is the warranty deed that shows what you have fondly hoped for is finally yours.
Now what is a warranty deed? It is an instrument that transfers real property from one person to another in which the grantor promises that the title is good and is clear of all claims. This means that if a person wants to give you the title to a house, the person who is giving you that title through warranty deed is saying that I have transferred the ownership of this house to you and I am also promising you that this house I am transferring to you is free of
all claims. So when God transfers the ownership of anything to you, He is telling you that what He is giving you is free of all claims. This means Satan cannot lay any claim on it neither can any human being lay any claim on it because this is something that God is directly giving to YOU as an individual.
In the scriptures, when Jesus Christ said, “go and fetch that colt so I can ride on it(Mark 11:2)” what
He was telling them was that the colt was free of
all claims. Then the disciples asked him, “When the owner comes, what should we do? What should we say?” Jesus replied: tell him the master had need of him”(Mark 11:3)-and the claim of ownership upon that colt was relinquished because it is the Word of God that has gone forth. Thus, the warranty deed here is an instrument just like faith is the instrument of transfer for whatever you hope for. So if a person says “ I have faith for something” what he is saying is that he has an instrument that has transferred the ownership of that particular thing from God to him, in which God has promised that the title He has given him is good and it’s free from all claims.
‘Poju Oyemade

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