Diligently Search the Scriptures

To get the title deed on any issue you must first start with a prayer that seeks for the light of God on the matter. The next step is to study and stay with the Word of God until you receive light concerning that subject matter. This means the first prayer should not be ‘God I’m asking you for this thing because I desire it’ but rather ‘God I’m seeking your face to find out what you are committed to doing in my life concerning this issue’. Then you take the Word and you stay with that Word until you get to the point that you know with all certainty that the Word of God is committed on this particular thing. Do not rush the process because you cannot build a case more powerful than the exact insight that you have received into God’s Word; for without light, you have no title deed. Therefore take time out periodically to get the title deed over every aspect of your life. For instance, ‘this month you can get the titled deed for healing’; ‘the following month it could be the title deed for your finances’; ‘then the month after that the title deed for your children’ etc. Take time out to study and pray to God to open your eyes to see what He is saying concerning every aspect of your life.I remember once many years ago, I was in the car with the late Archbishop Idahosa going for a meeting and he asked the driver to step on the gas and the driver was fearful of speeding too fast on the freeway. So he said to the man, ‘step on it because whether we go  slow or fast its God that secures our life’. When people say such things it’s because they have the title deed and this makes people who do not understand where they are coming from wonder. Thus, a person can get the title deed that says ‘if I eat any deadly thing it cannot hurt me’ and it will be so. What we need to do is take out time to seek out all these areas of God’s promises concerning our life and it is only then we can begin to pray the prayer of faith. You can start your confession with the scripture in John 16:13: ‘Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come’. So you make these confessions that God will open your eyes to see those scriptures and that you want to have an encounter with God where there is a transfer. It was when God met Moses that God transferred the title deed of him bringing the Nation of Israel out of Egypt to him. In conclusion, there must be enquiry and proper searching to find out what God is saying. Do not rush the process. If you commit yourself totally to it, light will come to you. Remember all uncertainty concerning the workings of God is only removed when you know clearly in your heart what God has promised you.
‘Pastor Poju Oyemade

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