The Bible says without Faith, it is impossible to please God. There are few times that God used the word impossible in the Bible. This means you do not have the slightest chance of living a life that is pleasing unto God. Thus, it’s important that if anybody wants to live a life that is pleasing to God you must have faith. The Bible tells us that even the patriarchs who have gone and left this earth obtained a good report, because while they were on the earth, they lived by faith and did things by faith. The scripture tells us that the just or the righteous man is the man that shall live by faith. I do understand, that some people in their minds because of their concept of what faith is and the erroneous teachings they have heard on the subject of faith might have in their minds prejudice against the subject of faith. They may be thinking that the subject of faith is a message of name it and claim it approach or have a wrong mindset about the subject of faith. That mindset needs to change because there is nothing you can do that will be pleasing unto God, if it is not done by faith. As believers we must make a conscious effort of living a life of faith. The only way we can continuously live by faith is that we are reminded continuously of the truth that we know and understand but might have stopped practicing. This is because faith is not a mental thing; faith is something that you practice every day of your life. There are three dimensions in understanding how to live by faith. The first is what faith is; it is like a title deed. What you once hoped for is now finally yours.

The second has to do with how faith comes or how to get faith and that comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. The third and last part is how to use your faith or turn your faith loose. This is the third dimension of faith and you need to know how to make your faith work for you every day. Now you might ask yourself these questions; how do I use my faith every day? When do I separate myself unto God? How long do I spend when I separate myself unto God? What do I do every morning? What do I do in the evening? What happens when I am tossing on my bed thinking about something that is harassing or intimidating me? When there is a torn in my flesh how do I handle and process this right from when I am on the bed to when I get up and go to work? How do I process it when I’m in the office? All these are valid questions you need to answer when operating in faith or faced with a challenge. Using or releasing your faith can be compared to knowing what money is, understanding how to use it and most importantly how to spend it. Most people think the real issue about money is in getting it and that’s wrong. The truth is more people are in financial problems today for spending money wrongly than from getting or not getting money at all. But if you know how to use, spend and make your money work for you it will totally be in your control and you will never want for it. The same thing goes with the practice of faith, the more you use it, the more it will grow, develop, and through that you will perfect the art of walking by faith.

Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade

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