When God blesses, it is by the Holy Spirit and the Spirit is the anointing. The anointing therefore is the Spirit coming upon the material substance which brings about the multiplying effect. The anointing was first used in the scriptures to separate specific things unto God – sanctification. Sanctification does not mean to make pure, it simply means to separate something unto God. You can sanctify a building but it doesn’t make the building holy by nature. It just means the building has now been separated for the service of God and must not be used for anything other than the service of God. This implies that every blessing has an anointing upon it. Therefore, when God fulfills His promise, there is something you are to do with the promise, which is the covenant between you and God.
When God blesses you financially, He shows you the reason He has brought such a blessing into your life. With such blessing for instance, He can make it clear to you that no man must be oppressed by your financial status. That is the covenant in the blessing.
You must know that with every blessing there is a covenant attached to it. The covenant could be that you must give Him all the praises with everything in your life. For instance, God has shown you in His word, that what He wants from you is public praise. This is because this blessing will bring you platforms all over the world. Then God says, what I want is for you to use those platforms to tell people about my faithfulness, righteousness and that you are here by my loving kindness. Once you begin to experience the physical manifestation of this blessing and you praise Him with it, then you can be rest assured that the blessing will continue to increase in your life.
God is always and forever faithful. The problem usually comes when it is our time to do our own part which is keeping the covenant. For some people after enjoying the blessing for some time, they start giving glory to themselves. We must never behave in such a manner. This is because such people have chosen to forget that God is the source of the blessing they are enjoying. We must never behave in this manner. No matter the situation we are faced with whether good or bad, all glory must be given to God alone. God does not ask for too much so whatever God asks for we must give it to Him.
Therefore, when we pray and ask for certain things from God, we must be ready to do our part either before the manifestation of the blessing or after. There is a covenant that God will show you concerning every single blessing you receive, ensure you keep it, so that when God starts blessing you, you don’t operate in the ‘air’. Instead you are fully grounded in it and you know in your heart that no man can take it away because it is of God.

Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade

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