Having the FAITH & the WILL

The first step in the faith walk is this: whosoever wants anything from God must, ascertain from the scriptures that what they desire from heaven has a scriptural backing. The will and the mind of God must be known about the issue or situation in order to have a good head start.
So if you are in a situation and you want God to move in that situation on your behalf you must know the promise of God concerning that very situation i.e. what the written word of God says about it. You must look nowhere else except the bible and we can see references like that in the bible that says ‘according to that which is written’. You must always ascertain from the written word of God; the scripture – what the will of God is first for every situation you find yourself in. This means you need to know what the scripture teaches, and also know that what you are reaching for as a person is the will of God for you.
It is impossible to boldly claim anything by faith, that you are not certain is God’s will and God’s intent. So instead of creating something in your mind, go to God first for clarity. There is heaven born possibilities that emerge from the Holy-being of God, which He wants to pour out into humanity as rain that falls out of heaven. And when these things come out of God’s being, they are poured out into a man and no effort is required on the part of that individual for the earth to respond to something that emanates from God’s being. He says “so shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth, it shall not return unto me void” (Isaiah 55:11). The reason a lot of people make mistakes is that they are reaching for things that they cannot ascertain from the written word of God is God’s will for their life. They just think that once they can see it and desire it that is all it takes to have it. But in the faith walk it takes much more than that. The scripture says, “so shall my word be, it shall be like rain that cometh out of heaven. It shall not return void, it shall accomplish’’.

It further says, ‘it shall make the earth bring forth and to bud’. This means it will cause certain things to come out if it is the will of God. So there is power that is contained in God’s word.
Therefore, as believers we must know what the scripture teaches in order to know what God’s will is for our life. It is impossible to boldly claim by faith what you are not certain is God’s will. Faith rests on the will of God alone and not on your desires neither does it rest on your wishes. God’s will for every believer is for His will to be done and perfected in people’s lives but we must be able to ascertain what His will is and it is only from the written word of God that this can be done.

Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade

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