The Word, The Will & The Faith

As a believer you must understand that you cannot operate in faith without having a deep interaction with God which involves the transfer of certain things from Him to you. The real truth is that many who have made prayers repeatedly without any result to show have no title deed for those things for which they have prayed about. So you may say, ‘I’m believing God for a child’ which is good but you must COLLECT the title deed. In that deed will be the name of the child and the description of the child’s life; that is how deep and precise it is! This is how Hannah got her child Samuel from the Lord. She got the title deed and God revealed to her what the boy would be and become.

When you hear the prayer that says, ‘if it be thy will o Lord do this’ it just shows that it’s obviously coming from the lips of a person who lacks the title deed. Though it sounds nice and religious but he has nothing and that kind of prayer doesn’t get results. This is because the will of God must already be known by that person before the prayer of faith is offered up. Thus, the prayer of faith is to be sufficiently enlightened in the Word on a SET DATE and at a SET TIME when you ask God to do that particular thing on the earth and from that moment you consider that thing as being done. You cannot, having discovered what God’s Word says then decide to start contradicting Him with your words. The scripture says, ‘Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them’ (Mark 11:24). This scripture is the prayer of faith.

It is important you get the first step right because it has to be faith and not wishful thinking. You cannot look at someone prospering and say ‘well my friend prospered so it must be God’s will for me also to prosper and so I receive millions in Jesus name!’ or you look at someone doing well in ministry and say, ‘this Pastor has a large congregation and God is good so He will want mine to also grow therefore I call 25,000 people into my congregation!’- It WILL NOT HAPPEN because it doesn’t work that way. Can you imagine somebody looking at the ministry of Jesus and saying, ‘Lord, I want to pattern myself after the ministry of Jesus; so as Jesus died on the cross I also will like to die on a cross’- that doesn’t make much sense does it? Why did John the Baptist succeed? He succeeded because he was the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Can you imagine someone trying to copy that today? Declaring ‘prepare the way of the Lord’ years after the Lord has come and gone! When a person is called, he has to go back to God to get the ownership of what God has called him to be. The ministers you see now producing things are men of God who have been called and have the title deed of manifestations you see in their ministries.

Therefore, the truth of God’s word plus the prayer of faith will always bring God’s power within our grasp. We do not prosper because we know that God loves us but because we have a more sure word of prophesy (2Peter1:19). Faith is not about hoping that God will do something; it is that we EXPECT God will do what He says He will do. From the minute you have the substance you must start rejoicing and preparing for the manifestation.

‘Pastor Poju Oyemade’

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