The Influence of the WORD & Singleness of Mind

In order to succeed or achieve anything in life you need to be organised and plan towards such goals or dreams. The first step in achieving any goal is to ask yourself series of questions such as: What are you building? What is going on in your own space? What are you developing and can transfer to the next generation? What is growing inside your life? On what issues are your energies focused on? When you have provided genuine answers to the above questions you can then invite God in so that He can establish His Kingdom in your life. God has already bought us and like a field if we allow Him to plant His seed we will grow and surpass even our own imagination or definition of success. God said to me that, ‘if my children will allow me plant my precious seeds into the soil of their lives and those things go into them; there is no ground that will be better served on the earth than the ground of their lives’. In the scriptures God told David ‘I will take my firstborn higher than any king that is in the earth (Psalm 89:27). If you allow God to take total control of your life you will never feel that somebody in the world is superior to you because what is happening in your life will be exactly like Nicodemus said that ‘no man can do these things except God be with him’. Moreover, no matter how people may make noise and say ‘we don’t believe in God’ the truth of the matter still remains that where God has planted His seed on the earth even secular activities cannot dispute seeing the Hand of God.

God planted something in Abraham and till today in world affairs and global politics, the conversation is still on and shaping what is going on in the world today. God planted something in Jesus when He was on the earth and no matter what anybody says the very dating system we use to say ‘this is 2018’ means 2018 years after Jesus Christ. Therefore, God has made His mark on the earth and no man can change it. When He brought the Law, it entered into the scheme of things on the earth. ‘Thou shalt not steal’ was a command God brought because stealing was not something that man knew to be wrong until God said it. In other words if you remove the Ten Commandments, stealing somebody’s property would not be a crime. If somebody out there likes your car, he has the right to beat you out of the car and take it. The only reason you go to court today and say ‘this person stole my property’ is because God said ‘thou shalt not steal’. The only reason there is one man and one woman in a marriage is because of what God said in the scriptures. There would not have been any consciousness of adultery. If you are angry with somebody you could just kill the person and move on and nobody would say you committed murder. Think about it- the influence that God’s word has had on the earth is enormous. We take these things for granted and that is why people in the world talk as they do.

Thus, the Word of God is Eternal Life and when it enters into the field of any man’s life, it marks certain things in the life of that person that is profound. For instance, someone might say ‘I really don’t know the promises God has given to me’. Well, I can give you some of those promises.  The bible says, ‘to Abraham and to his seed were the promises made’ (Galatians 3:16) and it says, ‘if you are Christ’s you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise’ (Galatians 3:29). In other words, any promise that God made to Abraham, He also made to YOU. This means He intends to sow those promises into your life as well. So when He said to Abraham ‘I have made you the heir of this world’ if you read it literally it says, ‘I have given you the material universe as your personal possession; i.e. ownership of the earth’. This is a seed that should enter into our hearts and when it does, then we can come to the point where we are fully persuaded that this material universe belongs to us. This gives us that sense of ownership and with that comes certain things.

In conclusion, God’s promises are contained in His words therefore; we need to understand how to get them planted and how to continuously water it. That is giving more energy to the same things; pouring more light until God begins to bring about the increase. But if today you are on one thing and the next day on another you may not be able to get what you truly desire. You need to be focused in life. Once you feel you should be everywhere, involved in everything then the forces or the spirit on your inside get scattered. And what happens is that increase doesn’t come. You have to know exactly what you want to do and everything you do is with that intent inside your heart going forward towards that particular goal.

 ‘Pastor Poju Oyemade’   


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