Understanding Loyalty

Said this today, a great way to understand loyalty is to evaluate your relationships into two groups. There are those who sowed or are sowing into your life i.e words, time, prayers, opportunities etc that has brought you to the place where you are today.

Then there are those who are simply reaping the benefits of the seeds others have sown. When the push comes to shove you must always be loyal to those who believed in you when no one else did. Those who sowed into you becoming who you are today.

You may out grow those relationships but you can never out grow loyalty. Do not leverage on them to move you into a new place. Move if God says to but not by trading them to others for “higher ground.”

God has seven attributes which compel us to praise Him. We praise Him in the context of one or more of these seven attributes and one of them is His faithfulness. Faithfulness can also be termed being loyal.

Pastor Poju’ Oyemade

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