Building God’s Altar to Unlock His Promises

“He also built altars in the house of the Lord, of which the Lord had said, “In Jerusalem shall My name be forever.” And he built altars for all the host of heaven in the two courts of the house of the Lord.” (2 Chronicles 33: 4-5)   


In life, there exists one or some weaknesses in an individual’s life. God expects us to overcome the challenges of these weaknesses by drawing out of the victories from our past. And this past is the creative miracle experience. This was what happened to David when he faced Goliath. It was simply the miracle of reproduction. By drawing from his past of killing the bear and the lion, David told Goliath that the same God that delivered those animals to him would deliver Goliath into his hands. This event simply showed that there were people in the nation of Israel at that time that did not have strength in the day of battle for certain challenges. It is not because they did not have history with God rather, it was because they were not conscious of the things that God had done in their past. Whatever it is you are looking for or asking God for, just know that it is locked up in an event that happened in your past.


There is a way you can connect with past events and the workings of God within your life. When you connect these two things, inside it, you will find the seed for today’s miracle. For God says it will produce fruit and inside the fruit you will find the seed for the next miracle. This means you can eat the fruit, benefit from it but the most powerful thing about the fruit is that it contains a seed that is life in itself that can reproduce and multiply. Thus, within every event that you get from God or any blessing you receive from God, you enjoy the blessing, which is the fruit but more importantly within that particular blessing lies the seed for the future. If you just partake of the fruit only and don’t get the seed nature of that particular event, you may lose the entry of the next season that is to come into your life through the seed. This is a miracle of reproduction, therefore; we must never allow the seed to go to waste.


From this place of creative miracle we need to build an altar of praise and worship to God. Altars according to the scriptures were places where God met with His people. For instance, people like Abraham built altars every time he had a visitation from God as a memorial unto Him. On those altars, he goes into his past by thanking and worshipping God for the things He had done in his life.  In that place of worship, he remains conscious of everything and keeps these memories fresh in his mind as he worships God. In doing so, the altar of God remained strong in the lives of the old prophets in the bible. When the altars in the life of a man remain undestroyed, such a man cannot be destroyed or harmed. No event can destroy a man whose altars to God are still intact. In the life of David, his altars for God were intact and that was why Goliath could not overcome him. Jonathan had done more powerful things than David before Goliath incident yet; he could not face Goliath because he did not keep the altars of his past victory intact.


The bible says, for whoever has, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whoever has not, from him shall be taken away even that he has (Matthew 13:12). This means everybody has been blessed with different things but some people are more conscious of their blessing and as a result more is given to them. On the other hand, some people have this blessing but they are more conscious of the things they do not have therefore it is taken away from them.  When you are conscious of the blessings in your life and that of previous experiences that have come from God, it will remain permanent if you always and will continue to approach God with a thankful heart. Therefore, let us keep our altars alive for God through worship and praise at all times so that the next phase of God’s blessing in our lives can be established.



‘Poju Oyemade

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