Generational Blessing

In Christianity, there is a generational blessing and a generational curse. It is sad that people are more accustomed to the generational curse which they say flow in families. But when it comes to generational blessings, people are not even conscious of it.

When you study the life of Abraham you will get to understand why God picked him amongst everyone around him. God picked him because He knew once he (Abraham) walks with Him (God) he would teach his children and children’s children the word of God and raise them in His ways. This just goes to show that Abraham had good parental skills, which is the ability to transmit what he has learned through the generations. In so doing he has transferred the blessings God placed on him to his lineage.

When you study the Bible carefully on God’s dealings with man, you will discover that it is broken into three major dispensations and if you go further you will realize it can even be broken down into another seven. But the three major dispensations started with Adam to Moses which was before the law followed by Moses to Jesus which was when the law was in operation and then finally Jesus who showed us grace and truth. Which is what we call the last days after His death, burial and resurrection.

Therefore, when we talk about how God deals with nations, we look at the law because the law was given to help the nation of Israel. In those laws, God has also attached blessings to it and once you and your household follow it the generational blessing will automatically flow in your family. When you look back at how God dealt with families you will realize that the Covenant God had with them was first and foremost with individuals then their families. We see how these blessings were transmitted from one generation to the next. In transmitting the blessings God dealt differently with each individual. Between Jacob, Esau, and Isaac, generational blessings were transmitted through the laying on of hands i.e. God’s invisible hands. Which shows how God rules in the affairs of men.

There was cooperation in operation as God’s invisible hand was right there with Isaac has he laid hands on  Jacob and Esau to bless them. In Adam Smith’s book ‘Wealth of Nations’ he wrote about the operations of the invisible hands in the economies of the world and how God truly rules in the affairs of men. Now, many people in their hearts particularly modern-day charismatic people do not understand how the invisible hand of God works. They can pray that promotion does not come from the east or west but from God. Yet when somebody else gets promoted they get offended; they do not understand that it is God that has lifted up that person for a particular reason.

John 3:16 says for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son and who so ever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life’. Therefore, once you accept Christ the blessings that come from it through the faith that you show will automatically be evidence in your life. In conclusion, as believers, we have different streams of generational blessing that we can connect with. Believing in God and knowing the way to Him is through Jesus has its own blessings. The blessings of the old prophets are also obtainable to us. Therefore, we need to realize and know who we are and what is freely given to us so that we can manifest our true self in Christ Jesus. Once we do that the so-called generational curse will cease to exist and will never be able to manifest in our lives.

`Poju Oyemade

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