Getting to Know the Inward Man

The same way the physical body has characteristics such as eyes, nose, can feel and express things such as emotions it’s the same way the heart can see the spiritual man within. God is a spirit and He created us after His own image and His likeness therefore, we are also spiritual beings. Our body is just a container/ vessel that makes our earthly existence a possibility.

The same way we cloth our bodies in order to hide our nakedness, our inner man is covered by the physical body. According to the book of James, the body without the spirit man or the inner man cannot survive. So, it is pertinent that we develop our spirit man. The more we develop our spirit man the more sensitive we are to hearing from God and decoding the things He communicates to us by the Holy Spirit.  Just as the physical body feeds and depends on milk for growth when it is born, the inner man desires the sincere milk of the word and that milk is found in the scriptures which helps it to grow.

According to scriptures, Nicodemus told Jesus no one can do the things Jesus did except God was with him; to which Jesus said that the miracles they were seeing were because the hidden man of the heart is alive and well.  God guides us through our spirits and that does not necessarily mean spectacular manifestations, it could be in subtle ways and still fulfil the will of God fully in our lives. For example, when you make a decision and you feel at peace with it, it is the holy spirit communing with us. Logically another solution to the decision made might make more sense or seem like the easier way out. Colossians 3:15 says, “let the peace of God rule your heart”. In other words, inside your heart, let the peace of God rule. That means, to allow the peace of God to be the umpire, be the decision-maker in your heart. So, if we are taking the wrong step then peace will dictate that this thing is not just right and you would be troubled, you would also lose your peace. So the withdrawal of peace sometimes is the Spirit’s way of saving us from dangerous decisions or repercussions. It is God’s will to guide us and He will with His spirit bearing witness with our spirits when all is well and withdrawing that peace when something is wrong.

Some might say they are not hearing anything or that they are not sensitive to such or that the Holy Spirit’s nudging is not registering inside their heart; or even that they don’t know what it means to pick things in the realm of the spirit. Most times it is because of what Jesus said as these are the things the gentiles pray about, they are praying about what they would eat, what they would wear and their needs. However, if you set and dedicate a period of time within one’s life where they spend time praying in tongues and requesting for nothing, they would be in a place to hear God’s voice and would be able to pick up the nudging of the spirit.

The longer you spend in God’s presence communing with God asking for nothing, the more aware you become of the inner man. As you feed your inner man with the word of God the more aware you become to the nudging’s of the spirit in all areas and situations in your life.


‘Poju Oyemade           

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