As believers, we must know that God is willing to do great and massive things in our lives. One of the things that we must understand is that with God there is no such thing as difficulty. It is only with man that we read things in term of how difficult they are, which is purely based on things that have happened in past experiences. As a result of all these bad experience strongholds are created in people’s minds which are purely based on their environment and interactions with information, teachings or events. A good example is the nation of Israel and their experience while in Egypt. For so many years they were enslaved in Egypt and this experience has built a barrier in their heart. A stronghold is something that is erected in your mind that puts you in a position where though you know something is the will of God for your life, yet you think it is impossible as far as you are concerned.

Meanwhile, if you were asked, ‘Do you believe God can do anything, your automatic answer would be yes. You will argue to any extent that God can do all things. In other words, if someone told you that God has limited power and He is unable to turn a bad situation around you will argue and quote scriptures to prove the unlimited power of God. So why is it so hard to bring such belief and faith when it comes to personal issues? When you read God’s promises in the scriptures, why do we as individuals find it difficult to accept God’s word as our reality? This barrier is a result of strongholds built over the years based on bad experiences.

These man-made-barriers is what made the children of Israel see themselves as grasshoppers and think they could not possess the promised land God has already given to them. They knew it was God’s will for them yet they never thought it could happen in their lives. This is a perfect illustration of strongholds in people’s lives. But once strongholds are removed, then we understand that with God there is nothing like difficulty level; all things are the same. It is a stronghold that makes you think that to heal a headache is easy, but to heal cancer, you have to spend two weeks or just keep believing. This shows you are looking at it from the human perspective. This means over the years you have been taught about the difficulty associated with cancer to the point where it has become a stronghold and we think God also views the sickness in terms of levels of difficulty. But with God, it is all the same. The same healing virtue that will heal a headache is the same healing virtue that will go out and cause the blind eyes to see and raise up the cripple.

Once you remove all strongholds within, then things become possible to you. In other words, you see how simple it is for these extraordinary things to happen. Just as John said in the scriptures, ‘I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord; mountains will be levelled, valleys will be exalted (Isaiah 40:3-5). This means a levelled ground will be created and crooked ways will be made straight. These are things that happen on the inside so that the glory of the Lord can be revealed. You will then discover that not only do you know that God can, but you see clearly inside your heart how God will. Which means it is not just the will to do that is present in you but how to perform is available too. This shows that the light has finally dawned on the inside of you.


‘Poju Oyemade           

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