The Power of Triumphant Faith

Bible Reading: John 14:26; Acts 4: 8-31

The Holy Spirit is our Advocate and Helper. The word ‘Helper’ comes from seven Greek words that describe seven distinct activities that the Holy Spirit carries out in your life in helping you.


One of these activities is his work as an Advocate. In other words, He is your lawyer. What He does is once you are confronted with a situation, the same way you get a lawyer that helps you read that situation in the eye of the law, the Holy Spirit reads your circumstance for you in the eye of the scriptures. He begins to guide you into the scriptures, so you can prepare your supplications, that is the first thing. The same way a lawyer begins to unveil the law of the land, and you start getting a legal perspective experience of the case, so also the Holy Spirit shows you the position of the scriptures and the promises of God attached to this particular kind of situation.


That is why David said, “Your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed. And in your book, they all were written…” (Psalms 139:16). Every human experience is contained in the word of God. There is nothing you are going through today that God has not said something about in His word. The Holy Spirit as your Advocate, leads you into what God has said since the beginning of time about that situation, and that is why once you discover it, you brighten up as you are reading the scripture and you get a new lease on life.


It is notable to add that this is what our cell system offers you; a pool of people who have gone through what you are going through and are in a position to share scriptures with you that will both save you time and effort. We see this in the Acts of the Apostles. When the apostles were threatened, they came back to the rest of the company and began to search the scriptures and found where their current experience was addressed specifically in Psalm 2: “Why do the heathens rage, and the people imagine vain things?…they have taken counsel against the Lord and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bounds.” How fitting the scripture was to their situation!


Searching further, they discovered how God had promised He was going to give them the nations for their inheritance and the ends of the earth for their possession, which by implication meant the whole threat they were experiencing was going to lead to a great spread of the gospel. Additionally, that they were going to take possession of more ground. This is another classic example of supplication. Another great example of this is that of Queen Esther when she went into the courts of King Ahasuerus. The king stretched forth the scepter which is a type of the word of God. She touched it, and then the king said, “Unto half of my kingdom will I give thee, what is your request?” And then she asked for specific things.



That is another method through which supplication is made. You ask for something, based on the word of God. This was what the apostles did in Acts 4. After the Holy Spirit showed them scriptures that captured their situation, they went ahead to make their supplications: they asked that utterance will be granted to speak the word boldly. They perfectly understood that the point at which manifestation would come was when they began to speak the word boldly.


Therefore, I encourage you today if you do not already practice this, be specific in the place of prayer. You must understand that when you speak the word, you must be specific. And when you speak, speak God’s word in the context of something that has already happened, not what is going to happen. This is a vital key to seeing your heart desires manifest to reality.


‘Poju Oyemade

Psalms 100:1-5; John 4:23