The Power of Triumphant Faith

Psalms 100:1-5; John 4:23

God has delegated His authority on the earth to the church. He placed the enforcement of
the victory at Calvary in our hands. He gave us the power of attorney, that is the right to act
on His behalf.

This delegated authority is, however, inoperative or ineffective without the application of
prayers from a believing church. Prayer, therefore, is where the real action is. It is important
to understand that a program of prayer without faith is powerless. The power is what is
called the prayer of faith!

The missing element that is necessary to energize prevailing prayer, that binds and casts
out Satan, is triumphant faith! Being triumphant means, you are celebrating a victory you
already have! And the missing element that is necessary for triumphant faith is praise–
perpetual and continuous praise! In other words, you must be praising God and rejoicing
over your innermost desires as though you have it before you enter into intercessory prayer.

Praise, therefore, is the highest form of prayer because it combines petition with faith.
Praise is the spark plug of faith! It is the one thing needed to get faith ‘airborne’ (in the
atmosphere), enabling it to soar above the ‘deadly smell’ of unbelief.

Praise, therefore, is the detergent that purifies faith and purges doubt from the heart. The
secret of answered prayers therefore is faith without doubt. And, the secret of faith,
without doubt, is praise. Triumphant and continuous praise; praise that is a way of life.
Applying this as a consistent practice is the solution to whatever difficulty you may be
experiencing in your journey of living in faith and having a successful prayer life.

 ‘Poju Oyemade

Psalms 100:1-5; John 4:23