Marriage Counseling @ Covenant Christian Center.
If you are a Committed Member of Covenant Christian center you can attend any of our pre or Marriage enrichment Counselling classes which run at various times in the year.

A. Prerequisites to commence Premarital classes

Have you completed foundation of faith?
Are you a committed C3 member?
Do you have your parents’ consent to marry?

If yes to all, then plan to attend the pre-marital classes.
Kindly note that fixing of wedding dates cannot be earlier than 2 months after counseling has ended.

Please Note : Registration closes two weeks before the class starts.

2019 Walk-in/Physical classes Dates:
1 st : Feb 2 nd – March 9 th
2 nd : March 2 nd – April 6 th
3 rd : April 6 th – May 11 th
4 th : May 4 th – June 8 th
5 th : June 1 st – July 6 th
6 th : July 6 th –Aug 10 th
7 th : Aug 3 rd – Sept 7 th
8 th : Sept 7 th – Oct 12 th
9th: Oct 5 th – Nov 9 th
10 th : Nov 2 nd – Dec 7 th

Distance/Diaspora Classes (Special)

Register for the Pre Marital Counselling Session

B. Prerequisites for attending Marriage enrichment counselling classes
– Completion of foundation of faith classes at Covenant Christian centre.
– Committed C3 member.

C3 Marriage Enrichment Counselling
This is designed for already married couples who have never been through pre-marital counselling or simply desire to go through the classes which are focused at building a Godly marriage. Interested couples should book at least a month to preferred class.

Do you desire to invest in your marriage?….then connect with us via any of these :
– Quarterly C3 Marriage Forum: (Couples Bible study & Prayer Meetings)
– Other C3 Marriage Nurturing Programs.
– One on One Counselling sessions (available on request)
Marriage Enrichment classes for 2019 are as follows :
  • QUARTER 1 (Levels ME 1& ME 2) Starts 2nd Feb Lekki & Iganmu Centres
  • QUARTER 2 (Levels ME 1& ME 2) Starts 4th May Lekki & Iganmu Centres
  • QUARTER 3 (Levels ME 1& ME 2) Starts 3rd Aug Lekki & Iganmu Centres
  • QUARTER 4 (Levels ME 1& ME 2) Starts 2nd Nov Lekki & Iganmu Centres
  • One-one counseling – Available for booking – contact us


Topics to be discussed at the Marriage Enrichment Classes are also as follows:

Marriage Enrichment 1, we will be discussing topics such as:

  • 1.     Money
  • 2.     Sex
  • 3.     Roles and Responsibilities
  • 4.     Conflict Resolution e.t.c

Marriage Enrichment 2 is more advanced and we will be discussing topics such as: 

  • 1.     Winning Together, 
  • 2.     Marriage & Family as a Tool for God’s Kingdom Agenda,
  • 3.     Managing Change and 
  • 4.     Long Life & Divine Health – Our Covenant and Heritage
  …and they twain shall be one flesh: no more twain but one flesh (Mark 10:8)


Register for the Marriage Enrichment Counselling Session

Contact us :  Or  please call Olajumoke or Tobi at the church office on 08160000239 or 08142459324

“”…Through wisdom a house is built…in all thy getting, get wisdom.””

Every marriage is  uniquely different…. God’s standard blueprint for marriage is a guide which if followed…never fails.