C3 Marriage Enrichment Counselling
This is designed for already married couples who have never been through pre-marital counselling or simply desire to go through the classes which are focused at building a Godly marriage. Interested couples should book at least a month to preferred class.

Do you desire to invest in your marriage?….then connect with us via any of these :
– Quarterly C3 Marriage Forum: (Couples Bible study & Prayer Meetings)
– Other C3 Marriage Nurturing Programs.
– One on One Counselling sessions (available on request)
Marriage Enrichment classes for 2019 are as follows :
  • QUARTER 1 (Levels ME 1& ME 2) Starts 2nd Feb Lekki & Iganmu Centres
  • QUARTER 2 (Levels ME 1& ME 2) Starts 4th May Lekki & Iganmu Centres
  • QUARTER 3 (Levels ME 1& ME 2) Starts 3rd Aug Lekki & Iganmu Centres
  • QUARTER 4 (Levels ME 1& ME 2) Starts 2nd Nov Lekki & Iganmu Centres
  • One-one counseling – Available for booking – contact us


Topics to be discussed at the Marriage Enrichment Classes are also as follows:

Marriage Enrichment 1, we will be discussing topics such as:

  • 1.     Money
  • 2.     Sex
  • 3.     Roles and Responsibilities
  • 4.     Conflict Resolution e.t.c

Marriage Enrichment 2 is more advanced and we will be discussing topics such as: 

  • 1.     Winning Together, 
  • 2.     Marriage & Family as a Tool for God’s Kingdom Agenda,
  • 3.     Managing Change and 
  • 4.     Long Life & Divine Health – Our Covenant and Heritage
  …and they twain shall be one flesh: no more twain but one flesh (Mark 10:8)

Contact us via phone 08094999998


Register for the Marriage Enrichment Counselling Session

Contact us : c3marriages@gmail.com or  please call Olajumoke at the church office on 08094999998

“”…Through wisdom a house is built…in all thy getting, get wisdom.””

Every marriage is  uniquely different…. God’s standard blueprint for marriage is a guide which if followed…never fails.