The Marriage Enrichment department of The Covenant Nation handles marriage related matters for already married couples who seek to learn, grow and improve their marriages to the glory of God. All our meetings are structured to equip the Christian couple to excel and succeed at doing their marriages Gods way.

The Marriage Enrichment Team (MET) is comprised of dedicated married couples in TCN who serve as Marriage Counselors, Program Coordinators, Mentor couples.

We recognize the important position of the family structure in the church and in the scheme of Gods larger agenda, we are therefore committed to building stronger Christian Marriages.

Upcoming events for 2023 include; Marriage Enrichment Classes, Marriage Hubs (Virtual interactive sessions), Marriage Conference/Seminar & Singles n Married Love Feast. One on One Marriage counselling is also available on demand.



 Marriage Enrichment Classes (MEC)Marriage Master
Class (MMC)
Couple Bonding Programs
February4th Feb MECLove and Life - Couples hangout.
March 1st MMC -
May6th May MEC6th May MEC
July2nd MMC
August5th Aug MECFamily fun day/week
Singles and Married Love feast.
November11th Nov MECMarriage Town Hall (Q & A)


  1. Marriage Classes – These are our marriage building classes. To register for any of the classes watch out for announcements in Church services or on our website. We have 2 types of classes.  MEC – MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT CLASS (MEC) – Runs as Hybrid; These classes cover the basic foundational truths of a Christian marriage. MMC – MARRIAGE MASTER CLASS (MMC)- Runs Virtual: These are In-depth sessions that explore deeper topical issues relevant to a Christian marriage. MEC should ideally have been completed before the MMC is taken.
  2. Marriage Counselling requests – This can be physical or virtual based on your needs or peculiar circumstances. Couples can send Mail to
  3. Bonding Programs for Married couples – Programs for couples run every quarter.
  4. TCN-Campus Marriage Enrichment Team Representatives are available in your TCN Campus. Reach out to them for more details on any of the above.
  5. Contact us by email:
  6. Call/WhatsApp: 08186000081 (Weekdays 9am -3pm)
  7. Website: or


Topics to be discussed at the quarterly Marriage Enrichment Classes are also as follows:

Marriage Enrichment 1, we will be discussing topics such as:

  • Money
  • Sex
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Conflict Resolution and differences in Marriage
  • Purpose of Marriage and Roles and responsibilities
  • Communication


Our Marriage Master Classes will also cover wider topics like

  • Winning Together,
  • Marriage & Family as a Tool for God’s Kingdom Agenda,
  • Managing Change and
  • Long Life & Divine Health – Our Covenant and Heritage


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Do watch out for the announcements and notices of these meetings.

For further enquiries contact us via email to or please call Courage at the church office on 08186000081.


Remember “…Through wisdom a house is built…in all thy getting, get wisdom.” Proverbs 24:3-4