The Premarital Counseling Department prepares engaged couples and couples seriously considering marriage based on biblical principles to help ensure a life long commitment to each other.

Premarital counseling help couples understand and plan for marriages that will glorify God and also to set reasonable expectations for each other, the unit they intend to build by assessing their personal convictions, and the responsibilities they will have in the marriage.


Premarital counseling is for 6 weeks in a class setting where participants interact with a married mentor couple. Study topics include Biblical principles of marriage, communication, finances, resolving conflicts, roles and responsibilities, intimacy and more.



Have you completed foundation of faith?
Are you a committed Covenant Christian Centre member?
Do you have your parents’ consent to marry?
If yes to all, then plan to attend the pre-marital classes.

Kindly note that fixing of wedding dates cannot be earlier than 2 months after counselling has ended.
Registration closes two weeks before classes start therefore, kindly register early.



  1.  What are the requirements for premarital classes?
    * At least one of the participants must be a committed member of TCN (they must have taken
    part in church services and programs for at least 3 months).
    * Participants who are members of TCN must have completed foundation of faith (FOF) with the
    evidence of their certificate WHILE
    * Participants who are non-members are to present an equivalent of FOF from their own church.
    * Parental consent from parents (Consent area should be filled and signed by both parents. If the
    Father or mother is dead, a representative of the third party can sign but with proof of death
  2.  How can I get married at TCN?
    * Register for premarital with all criteria above fulfilled.
    * Complete premarital classes for 6 weeks.
    * Check for availability of wedding date after one on one counseling with your counselors with
    the church office.
    * Confirm and fix wedding date not earlier than 2 months after premarital classes has ended.
  3. Can I take premarital classes after my court wedding or traditional wedding?
    * No. Kindly note that premarital classes must precede any kind of wedding.
  4. How long is premarital classes?
    * Premarital classes is for a duration of 6 weeks on Saturdays (or any day
    mutually agreed by counselors and attendees for at least 3 hours.
  5. Can I attend premarital classes alone?
    * No. Both participants have to attend all classes and complete them.
  6. Can I take a break from premarital to attend a prior engagement and complete classes later?
    * No. Please plan to complete your class in the 6 weeks straight.
  7. Can I take premarital at TCN if I am not getting married at TCN?
    * You are welcome to take the premarital classes as long as you have fulfilled all the
  8. How early do I have to register for a class?
    * Registration for a class starts the preceding month and it’s opened for two weeks. Kindly consult the calendar above or call the premarital line to confirm.
  9. How can I take premarital classes if my partner is outside the country?
    * We have the diaspora class to cater to you. Kindly check the calendar for available dates.
    Please note that all criteria applies.


2021 Classes dates

Feb 6th  – March 13th
March 6th – April 10th
April 3rd   – May 8th
May 1st  – June 12th
June 5th  – July 10th
July 3rd   – Aug 14th
Aug 7th   –  Sept 11th
Sept 4th   – Oct 9th
Oct 2nd   –  Nov 13th

Nov 6th    –   Dec 11th


Distance/Diaspora Classes (Special):

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For more details, call the church office on 08094999998.