Please be informed that Wedding dates cannot be earlier than two (2) months after successfully completing the Premarital Counseling classes. The classes last for about 6-8 weeks.



The Premarital Counseling prepares engaged couples and couples seriously considering marriage based on biblical principles to help ensure a lifelong commitment to each other.

Premarital counseling helps the couple understand and plan for a marriage that will glorify God and also set reasonable expectations for each other; the unit they intend to build by assessing their personal convictions, and the responsibilities in the marriage.


Premarital counseling is for a duration of about 6-8 weeks. It is in a class setting where participants interact with a married mentor couple.

Study topics include:-

Biblical principles of marriage, communication, finances, resolving conflicts, roles and responsibilities, intimacy, and more.


  • Foundation of Faith certificate for members or an equivalent certificate for non – TCN members. For more information about the Foundation of Faith program kindly visit
  • Should be a member of The Covenant Nation for at least 6 months.
  • Must have parents’ consent.
  • Should be planning to get married within the next 1 year (12 months).


For Initial registration click on the link at the bottom of this page, the status of your registration will be sent to you via email.

Kindly note: Wedding dates cannot be earlier than two (2) months after successfully completing the Premarital Counseling classes. The classes last for about 6-8 weeks.



STEP 1: Initial Registration via website with FOF certificate or its equivalent.

STEP 2: Final Registration will be completed via email with the criteria listed above

STEP 3: Successfully complete the premarital counseling classes

STEP 4: Check with the Premarital admin Officer for availability of wedding date.

STEP 5: Confirm and fix the wedding date not earlier than 2 months after premarital classes have ended.

STEP 6: Book Wedding / Wedding Ceremony

STEP 7: Continue with the TCN Post Marital Classes.


  • Who is eligible to take the classes?
    Members of The Covenant Nation who have the requirements mentioned above and have taken part in church services and programs for at least 6 months. Participants who are members of The Covenant Nation (TCN) must have completed the foundation of faith (FOF) with the evidence of their certificate. However, Participants who are non-members can also register with an equivalent of the Foundation of Faith (FOF) certificate from their Church.
  • Are there other requirements?
    In addition to the Parental consent, Participants are to provide 2 church references. This is contained in a form you would receive after a successful initial registration.
  • How can I Provide Parental Consent if my Parents are Deceased?
    An approved (decided by the bride/groom) family representative can sign instead.
  • Can couples who are non-members take the Premarital Classes?
    Yes, We will be glad to have you join the class.
  • Can a couple (Bride & Groom) who are non-members get married in The Covenant Nation?
    At least one party must be a member of The Covenant nation to be eligible to get married in TCN
  • Can I take premarital classes after my court wedding or traditional wedding?
    Kindly note that premarital classes must precede any kind of wedding.
  • How long are premarital classes?
    Premarital classes are for a duration of about 6-8 weeks, on Saturdays (or any day mutually agreed by counselors and attendees.) The class usually begins on the First Saturday of the Month.
  • Can One Participant Attend Premarital Classes alone?
    No. Both participants are required to attend and complete all classes.
  • Can I take a break from premarital to attend a prior engagement and complete classes later?
    Kindly plan to complete all your classes in one Premarital counseling session.
  • Can I take a premarital class at The Covenant Nation (TCN) if I am not getting married at The Covenant Nation (TCN)?
    Yes. You are welcome to take the premarital classes as long as you fulfil all the requirements.
  • How early do I have to register for a class?
    As soon as you get engaged to be married and have all the requirements listed above.Initial Registration is always open, please see the calendar below and initial registration link.
  • Can I take Premarital Classes if my wedding date has been fixed less than the 2 month period that is Stipulated?
    Please send an email to
  • Can I take premarital classes if my partner is outside the country?
    Yes, We have a diaspora class to cater to you. Kindly see the calendar below for available dates. Please note that all criteria apply.
  • Can I receive a valid Marriage certificate from The Covenant Nation?
    Yes. The Covenant Nation is licensed under The Federal Government Marriage Registry.


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