Premarital Counselling is designed to prepare couples seriously considering marriage based on biblical principles to guide them into this lifelong commitment to each other.

The Premarital Counselling sessions provide guidance and information on the concept of a marriage that glorifies God, self discovery, setting reasonable expectations for each other and responsibilities in marriage.


The Premarital Counselling classes run for 6-8 weeks.
The sessions are interactive.The participants get to interact with a married couple.

Study Topics Include;

Biblical principles of marriage
Conflict resolution
Roles and responsibilities
(Please note that some other topics not listed may also be included during the sessions)


  • Foundation of Faith certificate for members or an equivalent certificate for non – TCN members. For more information about the Foundation of Faith program kindly visit
  • Should be a member of The Covenant Nation for at least 6 months.
  • Must have parents’ consent.
  • Should be planning to get married within the next 1 year (12 months).


For Initial registration click on the link at the bottom of this page, the status of your registration will be sent to you via email.



STEP 1: Initial Registration via website with FOF certificate or its equivalent.

STEP 2: Final Registration will be completed via email with the criteria listed above

STEP 3: Successfully complete the premarital counselling classes

STEP 4: Fix the wedding date not earlier than 2 months after the Premarital Counselling classes have ended.

STEP 5: Check with the Premarital Admin Officer for the availability of the proposed wedding date

STEP 6: Book Wedding


  • Who is eligible to take the classes?
    Members of The Covenant Nation who have the requirements mentioned above and have taken part in church services and programs for at least 6 months. Participants who are members of The Covenant Nation (TCN) must have completed the foundation of faith (FOF) with the evidence of their certificate. However, Participants who are non-members can also register with an equivalent of the Foundation of Faith (FOF) certificate from their Church.
  • Are there other requirements?
    In addition to the Parental consent, Participants are to provide 2 church references. This is contained in a form you would receive after a successful initial registration.
  • How can I Provide Parental Consent if my Parents are Deceased?
    An approved (decided by the bride/groom) family representative can sign instead.
  • Can couples who are non-members take the Premarital Classes?
    Yes, We will be glad to have you join the class.
  • Can a couple (Bride & Groom) who are non-members get married in The Covenant Nation?
    At least one party must be a member of The Covenant nation to be eligible to get married in TCN
  • Can I take premarital classes after my court wedding or traditional wedding?
    Kindly note that premarital classes must precede any kind of wedding.
  • How long are premarital classes?
    Premarital classes run for 6-8 weeks.The classes hold on Saturdays (or any day that has been mutually agreed upon by the counselors and the participants)
  • Can One Participant Attend Premarital Classes alone?
    No. Both participants are required to attend and complete all classes.
  • Can I take a break from premarital to attend a prior engagement and complete classes later?
    Kindly plan to complete all your classes in one Premarital counseling session.
  • Can I take a premarital class at The Covenant Nation (TCN) if I am not getting married at The Covenant Nation (TCN)?
    Yes. You are welcome to take the premarital classes as long as you fulfil all the requirements.
  • How early do I have to register for a class?
    As soon as you get engaged to be married and have all the requirements listed above.
  • Can I take premarital classes if my partner is outside the country?
    Yes. There is a diaspora class.
  • Can I receive a valid Marriage certificate from The Covenant Nation?
    Yes. The Covenant Nation is licensed under The Federal Government Marriage Registry.

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