1. If you would like to be integrated into our Life Fellowship, that is our cell group system, or have any questions about our weekly announcements the hotline to call is 0818 600 0025 for inquiries. There’s always someone happy to take your calls every weekday from 9am to 5pm.


  1. The March edition of the Monthly Women’s Prayer meeting holds today, Sunday, 17th March 2019. Time is 4pm-6pm. The venue is The Covenant Place Iganmu. All C3 Ladies are specially invited.


  1. The Marriage Enrichment department invites all married persons to its Town Hall event, a Breakfast meeting, titled:” He Said”, “She Said” (refining the art of communication in marriage). The date is Saturday March 23rd, 2019, time: 8.30am, Venue: Covenant Place Iganmu.

        Please send questions to c3marriages@gmail.com

  1. Did you know JUMPING JACKS keeps the heart healthy, increases your metabolism, makes bones stronger and increases your overall strength? Covenant Games will hold the first of its monthly general aerobic sessions open to all church members on Saturday March 23, 2019 at the Iganmu centre, 7am to 8am. Come along with a friend.


  1. The Covenant Christian Centre Social Media Unit is accepting digital marketing professionals, seasoned content writers, bloggers, and individuals proficient in still & motion graphic designs. Interested persons should send an email on or before 31st March 2019, to covenantsocialmedia@gmail.com using one of the categories above as a subject stating, why you think you’re a fit for the Covenant Christian Centre Social Media Unit.


  1. Do you want to get rooted in God’s word? Then please regeister to attend the next session of Foundation of Faith Classes. 7 Classes starting on Saturdays 31sth March till Saturday 29th April 2019 as follows: ‎


           SATURDAYS – 8.30 am

           SUNDAYS – 2.00pm 

           VENUE: Yaba Church


           Foundation of Faith is an Immersive Course on the fundamentals of our christian faith. To attend, please register at fof.covenantchristiancentre.org


  1. The Information Help Desk Stand is now live at the Yaba and Iganmu Centre every Sunday. For information and enquiries about the church, upcoming events and to report or check for lost but found items, please look out for the Info Help Desk Banner or ask the ushers for direction.


  1. The Covenant Christian Centre Quality Control Team request that you kindly send any comments, observations, suggestions or challenges you may have while using any church infrastructure or facilities to contactqcteam@gmail.com.


  1. POS machine payments are available after service and Church account details are included in the church bulletin “In a Nutshell” for direct transfers.


  1. At Covenant Christian Centre, we love to have feedback. Please send any feedback you have to respond@covenantchristiancentre.org.