The following are the various departments and units in Covenant Christian Centre. New members are encouraged to join at least one department/unit by filling a membership form online or by manual registration at various department meeting times and places. To join any departments in church you will need to have completed the Foundation of Faith Classes.
You can also contact any departments personally by sending them an email or meeting with the Departmental Head after service.

This department is in charge of the Audio and sound production of the church.
Responsibilities include:
1. To provide sound signal input points.
2. To receive and process sound and produce amplified format.
3. To provide or receive audio signal from E-library, W2Media, Livestream, Camera or any other department that might need it.
4. To manage and maintain the equipment used to propagate sound.
The department can be contacted through:

SNAPSHOTS department is the creative arm of Covenant Christian Centre with a vision to ‘Preach the gospel to the world through theatre and performing arts on all media channels’. Established in 2007, SNAPSHOTS began with stage productions and has produced over 20 major productions; Including “ITAKUN”, Checkmate, the Rehearsal, Bloody Affair, Clogs, Nigeria 2060 and Hidden Proof, performing on stages of the National Stadium, Lagos, National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Muson Centre, Lagos, Main Auditorium, University of Lagos and the Amphitheatre, Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-Ife.
The department can be contacted through:

Word and Worship Media (W2Media) serves to enhance the all-round experience of worshipers through diverse media content including scriptures display, song lyrics, announcements, presentation, graphics and videos.

The department can be contacted through:

We are a team poised to address matters/activities relevant to married couples in Covenant Christian Centre. Our core vision is to build healthy Christian marriages based on the word of God and equip the couples with skill and knowledge to fulfil God given purposes in their marriages. This is addressed via various platforms and programs organized by the department.
The C3 Marriage Enrichment Team (C3MET) is comprised of dedicated counsellors, program coordinators and volunteers who are readily assessable and are eager to connect and engage with all interested married couples. We have a rich mix of quarterly programs, which are both learning and bonding events and are tailored made to help us achieve our mission. In addition we run regular scheduled marriage enrichment classes and also provide private couple counselling sessions on request. The department can be contacted through:


The Ushering department is set up to warmly welcome, organize, provide information and serve worshipers at the Covenant Christian Centre.The department can be contacted through:

Crowd Control is a public security duty that involves managing expected and unexpected crowd occurrences. We’re also involved in Traffic Control of vehicles but pay more attention on the human empathy.
The department can be contacted through:

The POS Unit provides the use of point-of-sale terminals as an alternative payment method for church members after church services or events.
The department can be contacted through:

E-library department is responsible for producing, distributing and selling mp3 messages from Covenant Christian Centre. Sales usually occur at the end of each service at the elibrary sales stand. We also make these messages available for download on, and there are ongoing plans to expand the online distribution platforms to the likes of iTunes, Spotify, etc. E-library provides after sales support to customers.
E-library is also responsible for transmitting live broadcasts of Covenant Christian Centre events to social platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Periscope (Twitter).
The department can be contacted through:

Lagos Sees is a social impact initiative of Covenant Christian Centre through which medical needs of communities (Local Governments) in Lagos State are met, free of charge. The maiden edition held in March, 2016. It is a branch-off from Covenant Medical Fair (since January 2010) which is targeted at all areas of health. Lagos Sees however, is an aspect which focusses mainly on EYE-CARE.
Medical Professionals (Doctors specializing in various fields of medicine, Pharmacists, Nurses, Dentists, Ophthalmologists, Optometrists etc) and non-medical personnel alike come together to volunteer their time and experience to make this happen.
The department can be contacted through:

This is an intercessory unit of the church. Prayer is the backbone to a healthy Christian life. The unit intercedes for the growth and development of the Church and her Members spiritually, physically, and financially.
The department can be contacted through:

We serve as the information resource unit for Covenant Christian Centre. We are at the service of church members and visitors to the church premises to make their experience as seamless as possible. We are also available to respond to frequently asked questions, assist in following up on all church events, activities and provide lost but found services.  The department can be contacted through:

Transport Unit is a team of young and passionate individuals who serve as the first point of contact people using the bus service have with the church.We ensure that the Buses for Sunday services and other church events (such as The Platform, WAFBEC, Watch Night Service, etc) are at their appropriate locations, at the specified time and that drivers are always courteous.
We are available to ensure that people are comfortable, so they are in readiness to get the best!


Focus department is responsible for taking professional pictures during all church events, within and outside the  premises. We also take photographs of church activities for use in print and other media.The department can be  contacted through:


C3 registration department is responsible for overseeing registration processes at several scheduled events organized by the Church such as The Platform Nigeria, Covenant Capital Fair, ICPMLW etc…

We confirm attendance of registered participants at these events. This includes generated codes confirmation and onsite manual registration for attendees who were unable to register online before the program’s date.

The department can be contacted by sending your Full Name, Phone number (WhatsApp), Email address, Gender and Worship center (e.g Yaba, Iganmu or Lekki) to:


The Altar Call department is responsible for attending to New convert after an Altar call is made in any of our services and also at special event such as WAFBEC.

The department can be contacted through:


The Cd sales unit is tasked with making audio (and other formats) of Pastor Poju Oyemade’s available for sale. The unit is also responsible for displaying and selling materials of invited ministers during special programs.

The department can be contacted through:

We print cds/dvds, record the messages. We compress into MP3 format and mass produce all the audio and video messages of the church programs and services.
The department can be contacted through:


Foundation of Faith
Foundation of Faith is a refresher bible course on the fundamentals of our Christian Faith. The course is open to new and old believers who want to refresh and improve their bible-based knowledge on the foundational truth of our Christian faith. The objective is to establish all believers in the truth of God’s word while empowering us to walk in their realities. Foundation of Faith is taught over 7 classes holding at all our Lagos centres with online options. The department can be contacted via email