On behalf of the entire The Covenant Nation Family, we sincerely thank you for worshiping with us. It is not by chance that God has ordered your feet to this ground, we are so glad that you obeyed His call to worship with us.

We seam our faith with yours, trusting God for a manifestation of His prophetic word from the book of Isaiah 25 and praying for divine encounter for you and your household.

It is our earnest prayer and expectation that the Word of God expressed through this Ministry will serve as seeds of faith planted in the rich soil of your hearts and will shoot forth as fruit trees with the sap of character and ministry.

The Covenant Nation is a Family Church…a home for everyone.


FOUNDATION OF FAITH: The Covenant Nation’s Foundation of Faith program is designed to teach and/or remind believers of foundational principles in various areas of the Christian Faith. The classes have an interactive format: the attendees get to ask the teachers questions on topics discussed or on any related area of the Christian walk in which they may need help. The Foundation of Faith program holds every quarter (in all 3 Church centers; Iganmu, Yaba & Lekki). We encourage all new members to attend the Foundation of Faith classes to be properly integrated into our church family. To join a class, please visit: fof.covenantchristiancentre.org.

DISCIPLESHIP CLASS:  The discipleship class has been created with three goals in mind: The first goal is that the believer fully understands and embraces the foundational principles of the truth of God’s Word. The second is that believers be equipped for ministry in whatever sphere of life they find themselves. Finally, the curriculum promotes the multiplication of disciples as the believers engage themselves in their local church, which is a part of the body of Christ. Members are encouraged to register and attend the Discipleship Classes on completion of the Foundation of Faith classes.

LIFE FELLOWSHIPS: A Life Fellowship is a Prayer cell group of not more than 6/8 members who belong to the same demographic (i.e. similar in age and goals) whose aim is to create a spiritual company through which the individuals together receive a fresh infilling of the Spirit and in agreement intercede for one another concerning challenges that group members may be facing as individuals. (Acts 4:23, 24)

These groups of people deliberately create a fellowship for the purpose of experiencing an increased surge of life and power in their Christian walk.

At The Covenant Nation, we believe every believer should belong to a spiritual company. He or she may interact socially with friends and family members but there are needs that can only be met through a spiritual company. The miraculous power of God for advancement can only be released through this type of “company”.

To join a Life Fellowship, an email should be sent to lifefellowships@gmail.com

MEDIA STORE:  The Media store is open immediately after every service and also during the week in the Yaba (9am-5pm) and Lekki (9am-4pm) centres for purchase of all resources of the Ministry. We have available CD’S and DVDs of current and past sermons of Pastor Poju Oyemade and other materials from some of our guest ministers for immediate purchase and order placement. For more information please call: 0814 000 0224.

Should you have any enquires, kindly send an email to helpline@covenantchristiancentre.org or call any of these numbers;

0818 600 0021,

0818 600 0024,

0818 600 0025,

(Weekdays 9am-5pm WAT).

Welcome again to The Covenant Nation!